My Year

The fresh approach to school photography.


The 10 Reasons MY YEAR is the obvious choice for your school.

  1. Minimal school administration
  2. Multiple contemporary portraits and class photos.
  3. Exciting portfolio of picture styles, including new MY FRIENDS photos.
  4. Photos delivered fast.
  5. Stress free, fun photo day
  6. Friendly, efficient, and professional staff
  7. Free copy of every photo taken for your school database
  8. Maximum choice for parents with minimum disruption to your school
  9. Safe digital downloads for a digital age.
  10. Great photos identify your school as progressive and professional.


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It was really cool having professional photos taken instead of taking it with our phones. They make really nice DP’s.
Julia Cole, Year 9 student

It was so refreshing to have modern portraits taken at school. For the first time in years I have actually framed one and put it on display.
Alexandra – Parent, Rose Bay

I was so pleased to receive my school photos, at last something to put up on display instead of consigning them to the filing cabinet or at best the fridge. The school friends photos will be something my daughter will treasure too.

Pip, Parent, Avalon